Andrew Watt is a Brisbane-based videographer and photographer. He currently collaborates with The Factory Diaries, Yelp Brisbane and StyleCreeper.com to produce a range of content including event photography, editorial video and promotional work.


As his personal style emerges he has an uncanny skill to effortlessly capture fly-on-the-wall documentary style footage resulting in a very natural finished product.
His interest in this particular creative industry started when he uncovered his Dad’s old Minolta film camera. Whilst his love of shooting with film is still strong, he can more often be seen with a Canon 5D in hand these days.


He draws upon his knowledge as a musician and drummer to bring a natural rhythm to his videos, to keep them interesting and give them a progressive flow. It’s music that often guides his storytelling through these mediums.


Andrew has a natural ability to discover his client’s stories and communicate them in his own style. He is drawn to working with small businesses to develop and tell their stories through photography and videography.