Back in July I was given the opportunity to document Factory Diaries’ second artist collaboration project. The scope of this one was awesome, involving a poet, two photographers, two models, a visual artist, hair and make up artists, and a lingerie designer! After a lot of  planning the collaboration happened over a weekend in July, and saw the team shooting in studio and out on location.

Because this wasn’t your ordinary kind of shoot, I decided to take a different approach to the behind the scenes video and create a clip that involved more story and ‘artiness’ than your standard BTS clip would. The video really came to life in the editing room; I got to experiment quite heavily with video effects and gratuitous use of jump cuts.

Roll Call:
Factory Diaries: Art Direction
Frank Heart Dame: Photography
Jacqueline Furey: Model
Ryan DeVeau: Model
Jessalee Giddman: Make up Arist
Lachlan Silver: Hair Stylist
Joel Devereux: Visual Artist
Scott Sneddon: Poet
Katrina Leigh Lingerie:  Lingerie

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